Jayna – A Perfect Lifestyle Statement

Everything in our life is a reflection of the choices that we make. The same notion applies to our lifestyle and the way one chooses to live. We pay attention to every little detail when it comes to the way we decorate our house, maintaining the best standards, then why not the same obsession for your kitchen, after all, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Jayna, makers of kitchen and kitchen essentials have been providing that perfect lifestyle and look to your house décor needs since 1992. Majorly focused on sinks and faucets, we have established a wide range of products that boast of services like lifetime warranty, anti-scratch coating, and 100% non-magnetic and glossy finish to give your kitchen an overall aesthetic look and long lasting durability at the same time. We have established a wide range of products including Quartz collection, Signature collection and International collection of sinks keeping in mind of all the price ranges and lifestyle of our users. Quartz collection is structured with the latest technology that is there and is 100% made in Italy with composite granite for design, resistance and color matching. Signature and International collection come with high-grade stainless steel which gives your kitchen area a simple and tranquil look with benefits of its own.

It’s not just design and aesthetics when it comes to Jayna faucets but the hygienic factor that we bring into your kitchen experience. Upgraded with the latest technology, we make sure that your water doesn’t get affected with the regular leaching of metal. Manufactured by high-grade SS304 material, these faucets are lead-free and rustless.

You can make your kitchen experience more comfortable with all the accessories we provide suiting your kitchen needs. If you like your kitchen space to be spic and span then accessories like chopping board, soap dispenser, colander and garbage bin can come handy to keep give you that hygienic advantage. Accessories are specially crafted to complement all the kitchen sinks from Quartz, International and Signature collection.

It’s the little things that matter the most and we pay attention to every little detail, be it your kitchen or your showers. Jayna shower channels offer a more innovative solution to all your shower drainage problems. These shower channels are designed by taking all the aesthetics and functionality into consideration and meets the demands of today’s contemporary showers and wet rooms. Features that eliminate the issues of insect menace, choking of drain and fitting into bathrooms are taken into considerations and are build accordingly.

In the end, it’s all about the choices that we make and the decisions that we take. Be it our life or our lifestyle. So let’s make the most of the luxury that Jayna provides and create a home that is complacent and welcoming for our loved ones!

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The design & quality of the sinks is very good. I like your products & services.

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