Turn your house into a beautiful home


Beauty might lie in the eyes of the beholder but in order to witness the beauty, the beholder needs to pay necessary attention to the object first. There are many corners in the house that we use on a regular basis, such as washing area, kitchen, laundry room etc. which despite being the most important areas of the house, get neglected. People readily spend a fortune to decorate their bedrooms but seldom splurge on their kitchens and bathrooms – which, if not more, are as important as bedrooms.

We can’t solely blame the buyers for this ignorant behaviour towards kitchen and washroom essentials as there are few brands that actually showcase the product the right way. Here comes Jayna, with the motto to keep things simple yet stylish. Our products are inspired by every day’s usage of kitchen and washing area and with diverse products in both the field, we make sure you get the right information and the right look for your house.

Our kitchen essential is famous for its aesthetics and durability. We believe in creating and making your kitchen a comfortable and convenient place to work. The product line includes Sinks, Faucets, Drainers and a wide range of accessories that compliment every and each product. Elleci collection in sinks is specially crafted Italian origin sinks made with high-grade granite that increases its durability and strength. With over 10 different types of the category in the sink, we make sure that every accessory we provide can complement with every sink.

Faucets specially crafted to keep the hygiene factor in mind consists 304-grade stainless steel conforming the international standards to give you a lead-free supply of water. The wide range of faucets will surely help you to create a kitchen space that favours you and reflect your style.

Let’s move on to second most important and second most neglected space of the house, the washroom. Insect menacing and unwanted odour is the most common problems that we face in our everyday washroom routine. We believe that it’s the little things that matter the most, hence, push and pop drainer to keep you away from the mess of the washroom floor. Our shower channels are designed to serve you in the best way possible. Rust-free, insect free, odour free is one of the few key features that make your life more simple.

Just log on to www.jaynasinks.com to check our wide ranges of products and make your house a home you’ll never want to leave.

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