Most Beautiful Kitchens Admirable in looks & Excellent in Functionality


Appreciation is the key to life. When you get appreciation from anybody, it adds springs to your walk in terms of confidence and self-belief. Your beloved kitchen is not an exception to this either. A luxurious kitchen equipped with quality accessories and facilities make lots of difference in the look and sophistication of our living standard. One yearns for exquisite looks and convenience in the kitchen where you get appreciation, as well as everything inside it, is at your beck and call. The kitchen is a space where you not only cook food but also make memories to cherish throughout your life.

The kitchen is, in fact, an ‘ Adharshila of Health’.  We get all sorts of vital nutrients from healthy & hygienic food, which can be cooked only in a clean & hygienic kitchen. Cleanliness & hygiene are as important as nutritious food for us.

If cooking is an art, then maintaining a clean & hygienic kitchen is a skill attached to it as well. How can a housewife or a working woman maintain a clean and tidy kitchen out of their hectic lifestyle so effortlessly?   It is possible only through useful and luxurious kitchenware, this is what Jayna stands for.  Your kitchen sink is an integral part of your kitchen which defines the convenience and sophistication. Jayna kitchen sinks provide multifunctional workspace for your kitchen where you not only clean your utensils & cook-wares but do most of the things you need to in the kitchen. Your Sink is not just a sink, It is a multi-functional space. You can do a lot of things here from chopping fruits and vegetables to clean & drain utensils. You can have optional accessories with it like Colander, glass chopping board and a wire grid. These accessories give so much convenience that makes your kitchen a complete workspace. Jayna offers you a truly international collection of SQUARE series sinks, which are perfect for today’s hectic lifestyle. It not only adds multi-functionality to your kitchen but also beautifies it extremely well.

Jayna presents sinks with essential optional accessories and attachments for your sinks to give you a well-organized look for your kitchen. As regards its thickness and measurements of square series sinks, it has 1.2 mm thickness with international brush finish, which gives unsuppressed durability and longevity along with an international appeal. This square series has contemporary sharp lines and strong geometric shapes which are so eye-catching for everybody. These sinks are long-lasting with a whole lot of luster and shine. These sinks have advanced sound-deadening technology without any clinking and clanking noise while cleaning utensils etc.

Colanders for cleaning & rinsing of fruits & vegetables

If convenience is your priority, colanders cannot be easily overlooked. It makes functioning in the kitchen easy and convenient by allowing you to rinse and clean vegetables and fruits quickly without any hassle.  These are available in different sizes & made of stainless steel, that makes them durable and rusts free for longer. It helps to drain & rinse vegetables, fruits, rice, and pulses. It is an indispensable part of the well-equipped kitchen.


Glass Chopping Board

Glass chopping boards are considered more hygienic than wood & plastic chopping board. They have a flat & hard surface, which is non-porous and therefore don’t gather bacteria. They don’t get scratch or crack easily. The super hard surface of glass chopping board is easy to clean and maintain. It is used for hygienic cutting of fruits, vegetables, and other food items.


Wire Grid

Wire Grid serves as a drainer. It drains edibles as well as utensils effortlessly. The sound of utensils and pans is buffered easily as well as the bottom of the sink is kept protected.

If you are really looking forward to having a convenient & contemporary kitchen, Jayna Sinks & accessories are just meant for you.


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