Drainage is a common problem for every house hold & builders. Drainage system must meet the toughest standard of hygiene and safety.For these reasons stainless steel is the best bet for floor gullies,drains and gratings. It is high corrosion resistance and has smooth surface ensuring life long beauty and durability.

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Clean Out

Clean out helps to use multiple drainage line without any difficulty of cleaning it at the time of blockage. Fixed on bolts this product promises durability.


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Health Faucets,Jet Spray & water bidet

Jayna offers a wide array of accessories necessary for bathroom products. These products are easy to install and will fulfill your requirements.


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Flanges,Shower Tube

Flanges acts as an added accessory to the tap to maintain the overall aesthetic of the wet area.
Shower tube is used to transport the water from tap to the shower. Jayna offers it in chromo look to give the bathroom a contemporary look.


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Connector Pipe & Connection Pipe

Jayna provides high – quality connectors and connection pipe in stainless steel 304-grade which are braided and have EPDM rubber. These pipes have a long life as they are anti-corrosive in nature and can withstand high temperature.


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