Mercury Sinks

Add a touch of dash and dazzle to your home and choose one from this unique range of double-bowl kitchen sinks with single drain boards. Available in lovely glossy and undertoned matt finishes, the elegance of the classic square bowls in amply offset by the exquisitely designed drainer patterns. Superb performance and solid reliability make the Mercury range just the right choice for a busy kitchen with an individual style.

Mercury DBSD-01
   MODEL : DBSD-01,01 (DX)
Mercury DBSD-02
   MODEL : DBSD-02,02 (DX)
Mercury DBSD-03
   MODEL : DBSD-03,03 (DX)
Mercury DBSD-04
   MODEL : DBSD-04,04 (DX)
Mercury DBSD-05
   MODEL : DBSD-05