Most Beautiful Kitchens Admirable in looks & Excellent in Functionality


Appreciation is the key to life. When you get appreciation from anybody, it adds springs to your walk in terms of confidence and self-belief. Your beloved kitchen is not an exception to this either. A luxurious kitchen equipped with quality accessories and facilities make lots of difference in the look and sophistication of our living standard. One yearns for exquisite looks and convenience in the kitchen where you get appreciation, as well as everything inside it, is at your beck and call. The kitchen is a space where you not only cook food but also make memories to cherish throughout your life.

The kitchen is, in fact, an ‘ Adharshila of Health’.  We get all sorts of vital nutrients from healthy & hygienic food, which can be cooked only in a clean & hygienic kitchen. Cleanliness & hygiene are as important as nutritious food for us.

If cooking is an art, then maintaining a clean & hygienic kitchen is a skill attached to it as well. How can a housewife or a working woman maintain a clean and tidy kitchen out of their hectic lifestyle so effortlessly?   It is possible only through useful and luxurious kitchenware, this is what Jayna stands for.  Your kitchen sink is an integral part of your kitchen which defines the convenience and sophistication. Jayna kitchen sinks provide multifunctional workspace for your kitchen where you not only clean your utensils & cook-wares but do most of the things you need to in the kitchen. Your Sink is not just a sink, It is a multi-functional space. You can do a lot of things here from chopping fruits and vegetables to clean & drain utensils. You can have optional accessories with it like Colander, glass chopping board and a wire grid. These accessories give so much convenience that makes your kitchen a complete workspace. Jayna offers you a truly international collection of SQUARE series sinks, which are perfect for today’s hectic lifestyle. It not only adds multi-functionality to your kitchen but also beautifies it extremely well.

Jayna presents sinks with essential optional accessories and attachments for your sinks to give you a well-organized look for your kitchen. As regards its thickness and measurements of square series sinks, it has 1.2 mm thickness with international brush finish, which gives unsuppressed durability and longevity along with an international appeal. This square series has contemporary sharp lines and strong geometric shapes which are so eye-catching for everybody. These sinks are long-lasting with a whole lot of luster and shine. These sinks have advanced sound-deadening technology without any clinking and clanking noise while cleaning utensils etc.

Colanders for cleaning & rinsing of fruits & vegetables

If convenience is your priority, colanders cannot be easily overlooked. It makes functioning in the kitchen easy and convenient by allowing you to rinse and clean vegetables and fruits quickly without any hassle.  These are available in different sizes & made of stainless steel, that makes them durable and rusts free for longer. It helps to drain & rinse vegetables, fruits, rice, and pulses. It is an indispensable part of the well-equipped kitchen.


Glass Chopping Board

Glass chopping boards are considered more hygienic than wood & plastic chopping board. They have a flat & hard surface, which is non-porous and therefore don’t gather bacteria. They don’t get scratch or crack easily. The super hard surface of glass chopping board is easy to clean and maintain. It is used for hygienic cutting of fruits, vegetables, and other food items.


Wire Grid

Wire Grid serves as a drainer. It drains edibles as well as utensils effortlessly. The sound of utensils and pans is buffered easily as well as the bottom of the sink is kept protected.

If you are really looking forward to having a convenient & contemporary kitchen, Jayna Sinks & accessories are just meant for you.


For more information and innovative Sinks and bath accessories and attachments visit your nearest Jayna store & website.



Accessories for an easy accessible kitchen

It’s hard to ignore the one place in our house where we spend most of our time, especially when that place revolves around food. No brownie points for guessing, we are talking about the kitchen space. To make our kitchen experience more comfortable we experiment with every possible thing in the market. The most daunting task of all is to get the right accessories to match with the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.

Here are the best accessories that you should have in your kitchen that will make it the place you’d want to be all day long.

1. Attached garbage bin: Attached to the sink itself, you have the convenience of chopping vegetables and fruits on the kitchen sink itself rather than using a separate chopping board. Slice your veggies in comfort and slide the rest away into the garbage bin to keep your kichen area spic and span. This garbage box can be easily detached from the sink and can be re-used.


 2. Soap dispensers: These tiny products sit back calmly at the corner of sinks but make the major difference in your cooking and kitchen hygiene. These soap dispensers come in two variations and can be attached to every Jayna’s sink. A product that will not only maintain the hygiene of your kitchen but will also add up to the overall aesthetics of your sink.

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3. Chopping board: Probably the most used accessory that we see in everyone’s kitchen. Chopping board keeps your kitchen surface away from any sort of scratch that it might get from the regular chopping of vegetables and other groceries. There are two different variants of chopping board that Jayna offers according to the sink type. Both of them have their own benefits and will make your kitchen look more appealing. The two variants are glass chopping board and oak chopping board.

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 4. Wire grid and drain cap: We have mentioned this time and again that it’s the little things that matter the most. Wire grid and drain cap definitely put a major impact on the overall sink. Drain cap keeps unwanted substances or garbage from entering the drain pipe that can eventually lead to clogging.

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Must be wondering about how the perfect sink with all these accessories will look like? You can add all the accessories to your kitchen sink or can get the desired accessories from our wide range of Combo Series, especially crafted to give your kitchen a wholesome look — both aesthetically and functionally. Know more about our products at

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Turn your house into a beautiful home


Beauty might lie in the eyes of the beholder but in order to witness the beauty, the beholder needs to pay necessary attention to the object first. There are many corners in the house that we use on a regular basis, such as washing area, kitchen, laundry room etc. which despite being the most important areas of the house, get neglected. People readily spend a fortune to decorate their bedrooms but seldom splurge on their kitchens and bathrooms – which, if not more, are as important as bedrooms.

We can’t solely blame the buyers for this ignorant behaviour towards kitchen and washroom essentials as there are few brands that actually showcase the product the right way. Here comes Jayna, with the motto to keep things simple yet stylish. Our products are inspired by every day’s usage of kitchen and washing area and with diverse products in both the field, we make sure you get the right information and the right look for your house.

Our kitchen essential is famous for its aesthetics and durability. We believe in creating and making your kitchen a comfortable and convenient place to work. The product line includes Sinks, Faucets, Drainers and a wide range of accessories that compliment every and each product. Elleci collection in sinks is specially crafted Italian origin sinks made with high-grade granite that increases its durability and strength. With over 10 different types of the category in the sink, we make sure that every accessory we provide can complement with every sink.

Faucets specially crafted to keep the hygiene factor in mind consists 304-grade stainless steel conforming the international standards to give you a lead-free supply of water. The wide range of faucets will surely help you to create a kitchen space that favours you and reflect your style.

Let’s move on to second most important and second most neglected space of the house, the washroom. Insect menacing and unwanted odour is the most common problems that we face in our everyday washroom routine. We believe that it’s the little things that matter the most, hence, push and pop drainer to keep you away from the mess of the washroom floor. Our shower channels are designed to serve you in the best way possible. Rust-free, insect free, odour free is one of the few key features that make your life more simple.

Just log on to to check our wide ranges of products and make your house a home you’ll never want to leave.


Search for glory in the everyday grime with Jayna

Elbow deep in water and soap, you wonder: Is there a better way to do this? Can’t there be a smarter and a better kitchen that not only looks amazing but is also intuitive to use and easy to clean? We all strive for making our everyday chores easy and look for every better alternative to make our lives much easier. We have succeeded so far in every aspect that is there when it comes to upgrading our lifestyle but the question arises; Is there any way we can upgrade our kitchen requirements?

The answer? Yes, there totally can be. Whether you want to upgrade your kitchen or if you are looking to spruce it up a bit, we have got you covered with the following ideas:

A good sink is your kitchen’s work house and it is imperative that you decide what will work best for you – one bay or two, sink faucet or no sink faucet. Though we suggest you get sink faucets installed because washing dishes or cleaning the sink area involves a lot of multi-tasking, and your hands are often full. With Jayna’s range of premium sink faucets – SS304 faucets, brass faucets, and its premium faucets series – not only will your task of cleaning out the sink get easier but your kitchen will also get that elegant look you desire.

Designed keeping the modular kitchen in mind, our range of kitchen faucets have a Soft Silk Finish Technology surface which is both beautiful and durable, they ensure smoothness and cleanliness of inner walls surface preventing leaching of lead and ensuring a clean supply of water.

We cannot talk about kitchen and faucets without mentioning sinks. They can probably be deemed as the hardest working fixtures in the kitchen. Think about it for a moment – how many times per day do you use your sink? Quite often, right? So why not choose the right one that has the perfect material and bowl configurations? Our international range of kitchen sinks namely the square series, designo series, aura series, combo series, and R-10 square series are your perfect kitchen partners. They not only uplift the look of your kitchen but also save the time for cleaning.

Available with optional accessories like a colander, wire grid, and glass chopping board – our range of sinks rate high in quality. They are also versatile to use as they can be used efficiently in a commercial or residential kitchen. An ethereal blend of high-standard design and exceptional quality, Jayna sinks do not rust, corrode, or break.

Armed with the right tools, you can easily unplug stopped-up drains. And all plumbing systems develop clogs – there is no way to avoid it. However, with a little determination and the right products, the job can be easily done. This is where Jayna comes to your rescue. Our range of floor drain and gratings, that is high corrosion resistant and has a smooth surface, ensures life-long beauty and durability.

Jayna’s best bet for floor gullies drain and gratings are stainless steel as it high corrosion resistant and have a smooth surface ensuring lifelong beauty and durability.

A splash of personality, a dash of sophistication, and a pinch of much-needed convenience – nothing elevates your kitchen like adding kitchen accessories. Jayna offers a wide range of accessories that complement the aesthetics of your kitchen sink but at the same time make your task easy. Be it cutting of vegetables or washing of small cutlery, these accessories help you perform your job in a more efficient manner.

Choose from a vast collection of bottle trap, colander, drain tray, plumbing connectors, sink drainers, and soap dispenser.

Add Jayna products to your kitchen and discover why the best compliments come from the complements.


Jayna – A Perfect Lifestyle Statement

Everything in our life is a reflection of the choices that we make. The same notion applies to our lifestyle and the way one chooses to live. We pay attention to every little detail when it comes to the way we decorate our house, maintaining the best standards, then why not the same obsession for your kitchen, after all, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Jayna, makers of kitchen and kitchen essentials have been providing that perfect lifestyle and look to your house décor needs since 1992. Majorly focused on sinks and faucets, we have established a wide range of products that boast of services like lifetime warranty, anti-scratch coating, and 100% non-magnetic and glossy finish to give your kitchen an overall aesthetic look and long lasting durability at the same time. We have established a wide range of products including Quartz collection, Signature collection and International collection of sinks keeping in mind of all the price ranges and lifestyle of our users. Quartz collection is structured with the latest technology that is there and is 100% made in Italy with composite granite for design, resistance and color matching. Signature and International collection come with high-grade stainless steel which gives your kitchen area a simple and tranquil look with benefits of its own.

It’s not just design and aesthetics when it comes to Jayna faucets but the hygienic factor that we bring into your kitchen experience. Upgraded with the latest technology, we make sure that your water doesn’t get affected with the regular leaching of metal. Manufactured by high-grade SS304 material, these faucets are lead-free and rustless.

You can make your kitchen experience more comfortable with all the accessories we provide suiting your kitchen needs. If you like your kitchen space to be spic and span then accessories like chopping board, soap dispenser, colander and garbage bin can come handy to keep give you that hygienic advantage. Accessories are specially crafted to complement all the kitchen sinks from Quartz, International and Signature collection.

It’s the little things that matter the most and we pay attention to every little detail, be it your kitchen or your showers. Jayna shower channels offer a more innovative solution to all your shower drainage problems. These shower channels are designed by taking all the aesthetics and functionality into consideration and meets the demands of today’s contemporary showers and wet rooms. Features that eliminate the issues of insect menace, choking of drain and fitting into bathrooms are taken into considerations and are build accordingly.

In the end, it’s all about the choices that we make and the decisions that we take. Be it our life or our lifestyle. So let’s make the most of the luxury that Jayna provides and create a home that is complacent and welcoming for our loved ones!

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Industry’s Most Advanced “Jayna 304 Stainless Steel Faucets or eco friendly product that is completely recyclable and has a useful life expectancy that will span dec
Stainless Steel faucets are easy to clean, require little maintenance & provides a hygienic surface with no pores or Cracks to harbor dirt or bacteria.

jayna sinks

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